The Big Jive All-Dayer Another Epic Hit!

A massive thanks to everyone that came to the Big Jive All-Dayer 2018. It was packed! This is why we do it, all your smiling faces (and aching feet!). 

A big thanks to our venue, Worthing Theatres Assembly Hall and the admin and tech staff, always a pleasure to work with. Dan at Offslip for the sound. Graham and Lauren our roadies, Richard, Val, Nicola, Andy and all the Hungarians for help on the door etc and to Peter the champion ticket seller.

A huge thanks to our bands DJs and guest performers, Mike Sanchez, Aisha Khan, The Class of '58, Bamboozle, Cassidy Janson, The Satin Dollz, The Duettes, Lottie B, Lucky Will, Mouse, Terry Elliot and Jivin’ Man. 

And lastly a big thanks to Vivien of Holloway for supplying all our guests’ gorgeous dresses!

You can see a whole gallery of photos on the dedicated Big Jive All-Dayer page!

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